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The Columbia job accident lawyers at Aun & McKay Law Firm are proud to fight for working men and women of South Carolina everyday. When you have been seriously hurt while working on the job we know that the same problems and stressors arise over and over in every case. Many times the injured worker and his or her family’s life gets put on hold as they struggle with their employer and its insurance company to get basic benefits like medical treatment and weekly disability checks. Often the insurance company outright denies these benefits or, even if the claim is accepted, they fail to provide these basic rights and benefits that are to be provided to the injured worker under South Carolina law in a timely manner. We can help you navigate the workers’ compensation system and help you get to the bottom of these tough issues that inevitably will arise in your case.

Do any of the following sound all too familiar. The insurance company chooses their doctor for you to see. They decide when you see the doctor, what kind of doctor you can treat with and send a nurse case manager that they choose and represent their interests to attend your medical appointments with you. Are they pushing the doctor and you to return to work before you are ready or even worse denying medical treatment that has been recommended by the doctor? If the answer is yes then you need experienced Charleston job injury attorneys to help you cut through this red tape and help you get all the benefits your deserve and are entitled to under South Carolina workers’ compensation laws.

Whether the job accident was your fault, the fault of another or even nobody’s fault at all, you are likely covered by the Act if you were working on the job at the time of your South Carolina work accident. Whether your were at a construction site, industrial park, on the docks or any type of manual labor or office job, the Act likely covers you .

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