Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Why should I pay an attorney to handle my case? Call Aun and McKay Columbia Trial Attorneys: 803-744-0824

First, in most accident/injury cases, the attorney works on a contingency which means that attorney does not get paid unless the client gets a recovery. So in most accident/injury cases there is no upfront out of pocket expense.

Second, if you try to handle your own case then you are going up against large corporations that train and hire employees to do battle with claimants trying to get a recovery. Don’t try to save a few bucks by handling your case because you may cost yourself in the end. Here are some examples of specific areas that most people don’t know about…but I assure you that the insurance companies and trucking companies have employees and lawyers well versed in these areas.

Underinsured medical insurance: Do you have it? By state law it has to be offered to you in a specific format as approved by the South Carolina Department of Insurance. This insurance is a powerful tool that can help with your recovery in the event that you are injured by a person without enough insurance. It can even help you if you were in someone else’s vehicle when the wreck occurred.

Med Pay: Do you have it? It pays you directly for medical bills (even if they were paid by insurance) and your attorney should not take a fee for this collection.


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