What To Do After an Automobile Accident

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Call us!!!! As soon as the wreck occurs, the insurance company will have a team of investigators to assess property damage and get information as to how the wreck occurred and to start the process of determining how much your injuries are worth. They are big corporations who employ folks to do nothing but work on wreck cases. Meanwhile, you are hurt and trying to find out how your medical bills will get paid and may be out of work.

  1. Don’t give any recorded statements to an insurance company!!! They do NOT have the right to get a recorded statement.
  2. Don’t sign anything allowing the insurance company access to your medical records. They do NOT have a right to your medical records.
  3. Don’t sign anything that settles your personal injury claim. Insurance companies may trick to you by stating that they will pay for your medical bills. They send your check for medical bills and then a document titled “release”. You cash the check thinking it will cover your medical bills and then sign a form release. Guess what, you just settled your claim!!! There is no money for pain and suffering and if you need further medical treatment…it will be out of your pocket because your case is gone forever.
  4. Take photos of your car. It never ceases to amaze me how insurance companies will have multiple color copies of cars where the property damage is minimal BUT where the cars have massive damage or a total loss, they somehow misplace or lose those photos. Take pictures of your car before it is fixed or given to the insurance company as a total loss.


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