Trucking Accidents

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Have you been involved in a truck accident or injury?

We’ve seen them and we’ve been scared by them—eighteen (18) wheelers barreling down the highway exceeding the speed limit or flying down a two lane back country road. One wrong move or swerve can cost lives. The truck driver and company will be probably be fine your life will forever be changed.

Trucking companies know how to defend injuries caused by their negligence and recklessness. They have to do it on a regular basis. It is part of doing business and paying for injuries are part of the cost of doing business…a cost that they want to minimize at your expense. Once again, while you are trying to recover from your injuries or the loss of a loved one, the trucking company is on the scene with a team of experts to reconstruct how the wreck occurred and start mounting a defense.

You are still injured and just trying to recover while meeting the necessary obligations of life. Meanwhile, the trucking company is mounting a defense against a lawsuit that you haven’t even filed. You need someone on your side to also gather information, request reports performed by the State Transport Police, possibly employ experts to also determine what caused the wreck, interview witnesses.

Trucking companies have to comply with state and federal laws as to maintenance records, records as to driver’s hours on the road, and a variety of other codes and regulations that can benefit in your case. You need a lawyer that is experienced with the codes and regulations that must be met by trucking companies.
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