Medical Malpractice

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We put our trust in the hands of doctors to take care of us. We put our trust in the hands of nursing home facilities to care for our loved ones. These professionals are as capable as anyone else of mistakes which can cause serious injuries. These claims are complicated in nature and you need an attorney to assess whether you have a claim. There have been recent changes in the legislature that have changed the procedure which must be followed in order to file a lawsuit against as a healthcare provider for malpractice.

A critical component to these cases is to receive the medical records or treatment records. Under the South Carolina Physicians Patient Records Act, you are entitled to a copy of your medical records. You are entitled to receive these records in a timely fashion and if you don’t receive a timely response then you can file a complaint with the South Carolina Department of Labor and License.

You will need an outside expert to review these records to determine if there was a deviation from the standard of care allowing you to file a claim.

We have access to the resources to allow us to receive your medical records and have an independent medical professional to review those records.

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