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Let’s say you are driving down the road with your family and out of nowhere a car cuts across traffic and hits you head-on. You and your family are severely injured. Your medical bills alone are over $100,000. Your medical deductibles are massive. You miss work. You are getting bills from the medical providers for unpaid expenses. We haven’t even discussed your pain and suffering.

The driver that hit you had insurance in accordance with state law– $25,000 per individual, $50,000 for the entire wreck. You do not have underinsured motorist coverage. $50,000 does not even approach the medical bills.

Hope is not lost. You may have the right to sue the bar that over served the drunken driver that caused the injuries.

In South Carolina, if a bar over serves a patron alcohol and that patron hurts someone, then that bar can be liable for the injury caused. A bar should not be able to profit from the sale of alcohol and simply allow the drunk patron to leave the premises causing injuries to others.

The key to a dram shop action is quick action. You need an investigation as to witnesses at the bar. You need to interview the person at fault to determine where and how much they had to drink. You need to get the police records as to any blood-alcohol level.


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