Injuries Caused by Alcohol

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Whether on the road or water, when you are injured by a drunk driver, the case is completely different than a simple wreck case. It is case where you may be able to recover from the bar that served the drunk who hurt you.

  • Do you know how get the law enforcement investigative file through FOIA?
  • Do you know about punitive damages (dollar damages for you designed to punish the drunk who hit you)?
  • Do you know how to assess all insurance coverage available to cover both pain and suffering and punitive damages?
  • Do you know about underinsured coverage available, that it can be stacked, and that insurance companies have to offer you this coverage using a statutory format?
  • Do you know that you can sue the bar(s) that overserved the drunk who hit you?
  • Do you know how to obtain sworn statements from people who witnessed the bar overserving?
  • Do you know how to gain access to receipts, videotapes, training materials for the bar(s) that over-served the drunk who hit you?


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